For Poetry Week at school

My colleague, a gifted poet herself and passionate English teacher at school, was the driving force in our poetry week. She had all her students post up their work in an exhibition in the school library. The students poetry is amazing and beautiful. I hope to browse around a little more when I have time. This is my contribution:

Slap in the face

I am no mathematician,

But I think I can work out an equation

Whose solution is seventy times seven.

When someone does you wrong, there is a bleakness:

And feeling that threatens to glorify your weakness.

The last thing you want to exercise is meekness

When human instinct tells you,

REVENGE! I’m not going to take this!

To overcome demons we go to great lengths,

Trying to fight off enemies, we build our strength.

The words of a king,

Sometimes the softest thing has the nastiest sting.

An ease on your heart to stop fighting,

Inside, outside.

The pressure subdues.

You didn’t lose.

You feel anger waning and ebbing.

No spider to eat you if you aren’t caught in the webbing.

A release to embrace the light

In yourself,

The struggle of fire you should not ignite,

Chiefly as it is borne in bitterness and spite,

You look at your wounds, now silly and trite.

You may try to block a river with all your might,

But perhaps the direction in which it flows is simply…right.

Louella Mahabir

October 11, 2011

Kavita’s (the English teacher) vision was to use the fruits of the spirit as inspiration for the student’s art. Children have such beautiful souls. My poem was intentionally based on Temperance but now I’m not so sure…


~ by louella001 on October 12, 2011.

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