Looking for strength wherever it may be found…

And it looks like inside myself is the place I start and always end up if i didn’t begin there first. The heart may be a lonely place, but it is definitely not an empty one. My latest poem, in search of lost strength:

Honour in dishonour

When a man held in honour gives you a promise,

That is yet to be realised,

Yet you wait on the premise

That those with any kind of values

Would not be deceitful and faithless.

And if it is so, then something is amiss.

In the event that you enter a nest of vipers,

It is wise to guard your heels,

Have a little faith, and for good measure,

Recite a vesper,

As the darkness touches your shoulders

And know that you will rejoice in triumph,

As their weapons lie, useless and trampled, among the boulders.

When the alarm bell in your mind frantically peals,

Be ready to crush heads

Tread carefully where serpents and boas slither ahead.

If you feel bitten and poisoned,

It must mean that the snakes have spewed their venom at you.

Do not fret or cry.

There is antidote in adequate supply.

What is for you is for you.

You must not let them rob you of that too.

You saw their smoothness and knew it to be ophidian.

You, be smooth too, and remember the meridian,

Separating you, and intent so vile and egotistical,

That that their sense of correctness is political,

Purely fantastical.

Those who measure you could never be

As correct as you, who weigh from within, deem them to be.

Louella Mahabir

26th. October, 2011.


~ by louella001 on October 26, 2011.

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