Soca parang

We put our own twist on parranda or parang, an musical art form expressed in Spanish celebrating the christmas season in Trinidad and Tobago. I  searched for the lyrics of the songs made on the Christmas riddim but couldn’t find any, so I wrote some myself. Now, if anyone sees this and knows that there are discrepancies, please, please please let me know. This is the song by Denise “Saucy wow” Belfon on that riddim.

JOY (On the Christmas Riddim) by Denise Belfon


No matter what religion, no matter what faith,

Every day is Christmas and God is always sweet,

Come into my house; sit down at my table,

Laugh, eat and drink for we should be thankful.

Merry Christmas to mankind,

God is love, God is love,

Peace and love with bread and wine,

God is love, God is love.

Mother father and the child,

ooh ooh ooh, ooh ooh ooh,

Sharing love is so divine,

God is love, Oooh ooh ooh.

Joyyyyyyy, Spreading joyyyyyy.

Spreading joy, joyyyyy.

We spreading joyyyyy,

We spreading joyyyyy.

Follow that star (x8)

Joy to all, the lord has come,

God loves you, ooh ooh ooh,

Celebrate his love, to his being God,

Oooh ooh ooh, God loves you.

Some in snow and some in sun,

Oooh ooh ooh , God loves you.

Some have everything and some have none,

God loves you, ooh ooh ooh.

Joyyyyyy, Spreading joyyyy.

We spreading joyyyy (x2)

Follow that star (x8)

Jooooooooy (to the tune of Gloria)

(Repeat verse 2, then chorus)

Here is a video featuring a part of all the songs made on the Christmas riddim here: the christmas riddim

I’ll try to do the other songs soon.


~ by louella001 on November 22, 2011.

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