New poem…

I am a lover of poetry but no poem would be written about me. I don’t think love stinks…it thinks I stink. It’s a shame. I think I would make a lovely lover of love and all things love-stricken…My latest poem… the inspiration? Past experience.

It was worth it.

Watch the red wine flow,

Incredibly lush and slow,

My laugh is seductively low,

Did I purposefully make it so?

Is it me or the wine setting your cheeks aglow?

I see that face everywhere, but next to my head on the pillow,

And I guess that is how I know that what I feel isn’t shiny and hollow.

Seeing you always, is as natural as being alone,

But without the fire within me that continually burns.

Wind and water whittle away at what was written in stone.

I could be without you,

But I’d rather not,

Because I know the value of what I’ve got.

When we have to go back to the place we start,

But not without the codes and notes, deciphered and unwritten in the heart,

The dynamic process of grief and detangling the dangling threads of destiny,

Your heart set against your mind in mutiny.

Do you regret?

I think not.

Louella Mahabir.

20th December 2011


~ by louella001 on December 21, 2011.

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