Do I have the backbone for an MPhil?

My translation tutor Jairo Sanchez (from Bogota, Colombia) from uni was ans still is a quirky guy, fascinated by Caribbean, people, culture and for the most part, language. I will never forget the literary component where we translated texts in Spanish creole into our own English creole. Translation, while being hard like banga seed, is a fascinating art that takes time to refine and ages to perfect. I myself admit that I need practice in what is considered one tedious task. I have been wondering if it would be worth the pain of doing research in the translation of texts in spanish creole into trinidadian english creole and vice versa. Creole is of course, a language in it’s own right, so that the literature it is sculpted from deserves to be transmitted with an equal or at least similar flair in it’s translation.

Here, Jairo explains his research and displays his passion for this vein of research. I am so proud of his achievement and from the looks of this video (I have not followed up, so I have no idea) he may have launched a post grad programme in translation in the Spanish Language department too. This is wonderful.  I am excited and this has nothing whatsoever to do with me. Watching this made me remember how i liked translating and trying to find meaning. It isn’t an exact science but that’s the beauty of it. Still thinking of the impact this had on me. My 1st post of the year and it’s completely mental. Let the madness continue!!!!!


~ by louella001 on January 6, 2012.

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