New poem

This poem was inspired by a friendship that is so dear to me that I hope that I have not ruined. I know that even if the person sees this poem, he will not be able to read it but I had to express this anyway.

Seven stripes of friendship

When my heart was aching, nobody knew.

Nobody except you,

Who dried my tears and caressing my hair,

You who commanded the choppy waves in the sea of my soul

That were making me ill,

To be still.

With your soft voice you obliterated fear,

Of miniscule things too heavy for me to bear.

For a heavy burden is not always a huge, lumbering bundle straining your back,

But it sometimes manifests in a tiny cerebral attack.

The mind is powerful, you told me once,

You create a big monster and huddle when it is about to pounce.

My darling, if you made it, you can unmake it.

Simple as that.

How come you didn’t make me feel like a twat?

Your humility and purity in every word of praise you bestow,

Is backed by your smile,

I yearn to hold your hand and paint a brand new rainbow.

Now that is a friend,

You embrace and wish it would never end.

The comfort and love that I urge you to send,

Has never come back empty,

At least that has always been the trend.

I want you to know that as one who knows my heart,

As one who knows that my search has ever been a narrow one,

That sometimes what you need is not what you want,

And the appreciation of what is in front of you

Should be taken upfront.

Because of you, I know different levels of love,

And not one can be put in front of the other:

They are all gifts for now, from above.

I am so glad I met you and though we are apart for a long time,

You will always walk with me, helping me with every burden,

With echoes stirring the divine,

In this lone heart of mine.

Louella Mahabir.

12th. April, 2012.


~ by louella001 on April 12, 2012.

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