Old Poetry

I wrote these in 2010. They were inspired by the different personalities of some of my friends. They were also inspired by a bit of the zodiac signs as we knew them to be.

For my friend Chanelle:


Can`t see you, but you are well perceived,

Heaven, earth and hell are under your dominion,

Artful and clever, you tease and ease,

Negate and obliterate,

Expose and erode,

Light coaxing is sometimes your trick,

Laudable rage and tumultuous billowing accompany your wrath,

Everywhere all at once: splendiferous, infectious, sumptuous.

You magnify and magnetize,

Between the sun and the earth, you electrolyze.

The sea wavers between you and her mistress, the moon.

You write your name in the desert sand,

It becomes calm or livid with just a touch of your hand,

Your signature is embossed on every dune.

All creatures are lulled when you whistle sweetly,

All bow with your ire and sigh when you tire.

Your vibrations are essential to the language of heaven,

Medicine for the soul, the weary enliven.

Whispered wishes soar in your wake,

Of your goodness all partake,

I wait for the day I see you, for my own sake.

By Louella

3 May 2010

For my friend Mariana:

The Sun

Fire in heaven, life on earth,

Worshipped at some point by all men,

But always unchanged her power and worth.

You keep yourself hidden from time to time,

They dream of you, they wait for you, they beg for you,

Even in absence you are there, a presence sublime.

Some get too close, or simply want too much.

They come away, scorched,

Ridiculed and Scathed by your inescapable touch.

My own heart is inclined to you,

Always needing your warmth,

Rarely ridiculed,

Instead, you refine me into gold,

A part of my life I would never trade

Never will I knowingly betray you,

A dear sister of my own choosing, always.

By Louella

30th. April 2010

For my friend Edgar:

The Waterfall

Emancipation from the impermeable,

Driven forward by the force of the uncontrollable,

Gentle but formidable,

A mere rustle breaking the silence from a distance,

Roars with raw energy when you get close.

Always elusive, as water can be, either slipping through your fingers

Or in the atmosphere flying free,

Soothes and burns,

Beautiful, but can envelop you and destroy you

Or heal you and preserve you.

From a bird’s eye, you are tempted to dive into the mist,

To accept whatever mystery lies below,

To be swept away with the flow,

To fill the space in you that is hollow,

Or purge the rapture in you in which you wallow,

Wherever the water goes, you want to follow,

No matter that you may end up in an inescapable twist.

By louella

29 April 2010

And for my friend Riley:

The Mountain

It takes angels to move her,

Both acid and alkali,

In her strength, she sits still,

Slow and resistant to change,

Many dream of conquering this majestic beauty.

Pressure or none, her head is cool,

Though there may be fire seething at her core,

Her mind is her own.

Admired and hailed from the foot of her throne,

Gods of the winds cannot penetrate stone,

The streams sing their plaintive song and are rewarded with treasures and ore.

Wounded souls seek refuge here,

The wise ones, in peace, traverse to the nether where.

In adversity, her minions shield her from all sides,

Despite this, their queen from danger will never hide,

Her dignified head always held high.

In melancholic solitude,

She affronts it all, with attitude.

Though time on everything leaves a dent,

Still at her peak, graceful and magnificent.

By Louella

3 May 2010

They are each based on the basic elements of life: air, fire, water and earth.


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