Desperately wicked, one of my fave poems

I cannot for the life of me remember the inspiration for this poem, but I really like it. Just something about it. I think I was reading Lord Byron and Shelley at the time. I love that little fatty…Byron. What a talent.

Your Demon

I ride you and you writhe in sweet waves of pleasure,

You fight me, a helpless force, as I sent shocks of joy through your mind and body,

I own you,

Through and through,

Mind, body, soul, all of you.

The blood that quenches my thirst and the flesh that slakes my hunger, the mist that quells my heat and diminished my lust, almost…

I don’t want to, but you inform me,

That let you go I must.

You do what you must, but it is I that you trust.


You flee from my delicious embrace,

But even in your flight cannot avert your face,

From the eternal ecstasy and sweet escape,

You give me the chance to claw you,

Sink my mandibles in inviting illicit fruit,

Partake of your flesh and bones my talons scrape,

Your rose red life force sprinkled on the ground,

Remembering our union, you are still turned around,

Torn between pain and pleasure but can’t make a sound.

A guileless creature, you always astound,

A thousand realms are not worth your flesh by the pound.


Idiotic action that would prove to be my last,

I grab your hand and held it fast,

I kiss your body and you enflame in my arms,

Every step towards you is marked by a deafening knell,

And two steps down into hell.


The scent of your exquisite flesh filled my nostrils with the blackest smoke.

Your lips, the purest nectar and the fire did stoke,

Your hair tickling my fingers and limbs,

The tendrils of fire scorched me with every stroke.

Your beauty brought tears to my eyes,

The orange glow almost blinded me,

And even though you have always seen through my disguise,

Ethereal beauty unnaturally wise,

Our fingers intertwined.

Your cries of unbridled pleasure, I treasure,

As I sink lower and lower into the furnace,

Too overcome with your sweetness to acknowledge

My last flicker…

By Louella Mahabir

16th June, 2011

Wicked, isn’t it? I don’t know if it’s good wicked, bad wicked or a combination of the two.


~ by louella001 on April 25, 2012.

2 Responses to “Desperately wicked, one of my fave poems”

  1. Is it weird that I’m a fan of myself with this one?

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