Revolution poetry

Inspired by Che, Bob Marley, a book i read called Rainbow Bridge by Gwyneth Jones and the Killers, this poem is one I really like, but it wasn’t very well thought out. It was one of those moments my friend Imran calls the “high man” inspiration.

Rock star anthem

Thrashing, crashing, brandishing,

The strokes deliberate and unforgiving,

Drums urging the frontlines forward,

A tattoo for advancement, and never a move backward,

With strumming that drunkens even those free of ethereal substance.

Music and voices move hearts skyward.


Battle cries issue forth,

As song swells from the breast of the devoted,

Who will follow to the ends of the earth the King before them,

So admired and doted?

They will break down barriers to touch his garment,

Forsake sleep and go hungry just to hear his lament.


“Arise and claim your property,

Defy those who claim authority,

Hear my voice; I guide you to clarity,

Against the grinding groan of monotony,

Of this prevailing and hollow bureaucracy,

Freedom is yours,

Not my gift to you, but your own don from within.

It is up to you to deconstruct your own prison.

Debauchery and excess liberate, but without reason.

For those who mourn, rejoicing is simply not in season,

But waiting is a strain on the psyche, and if the time to abandon the ashes has not come,

Take them with you




Louella Mahabir

19th March, 2011.

Forward ever, backward never… the apparent inspiration for Disney’s Meet the Robinsons, one of the most beautiful animated films ever made in my opinion.


~ by louella001 on April 25, 2012.

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