Boy, do I love my poetry

Maybe one day I’ll actually get good at this. My inspiration is a thought of being happy and catching it before it slips away again into the wind until it decides to come back for a fleeting moment.

The secret

As I passed nearby that door left ajar,

I saw two little girls laughing,

Then two old men at a bar,

And I wondered what they were thinking about thus far.

I have always had a hunger, a burning star, a supernova,

Afire in my chest, a trial or a test,

To see how far I would run, how far I could spar,

In grabbing onto laughter and putting it in a jar.


I ran with the wind, I flew on a shooting star,

I sped with my dog at the wheels of an old car,

I leapt up a mountain and fell down a hill,

Getting to this laughter is a veritable skill.


The laugh slipped away while I was pissing my pants,

And it got away again as I bit the heads off fried ants,

I sang and I skipped and I raced and I danced,

And while I jumped and pranced and was winded from the trance,

I realised that catching it was as simple as romance,

It was just that very moment,

And then it hit me… It isn’t just this once.

You always have it with you.

You dunce…

Louella Mahabir…….21st. May 2012


~ by louella001 on May 22, 2012.

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