Can I play too?

I wrote this poem as poetry from a character I’m writing about who makes up poetry. It’s the little sister’s plight as she feels left out of the mischief of the two older siblings, a brother and sister who are twins in the story.

From nightfall to daybreak

I don’t want to sleep!

Please don’t send me away.

I might miss what happens now,

At the end of the day,

And the memories made in the wee hours that you laugh about the next day.

I never get a chance to be happy and gay,

Because the snickers are of things I missed when I couldn’t stay.


Born together but shine in different light,

I never know what’s going on, but I want to be in the fight.

The sun laughs and the moon broods.

Fire crackles in delight while wind plays the blues and mellows the mood.

She twirls and emulates, he livens and abates.

I have my own to give, just you wait.

Between the pink light and orange sunset,

I hate that I am never old enough yet.

Innocent secrets breed unnecessary upset.

I know it to be true, but I’m still going to regret

Leaving you two to have all the fun.

The nightly delights gone with the rising of the sun.


Gwin’iselle ser Bri’are

 (Louella Mahabir, 25th May, 2012)

I like this and although I find it so extremely simple, I have to keep the little girl essence in the writing. Maybe it’s a simple lack of talent that I made a character similar to me in that she likes to write poetry.


~ by louella001 on May 26, 2012.

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