Death is not the end

I wrote this poem within a short story. One of the characters refuses to believe that her sister is dead and she is confident that they will meet again. It refers to time in a spiral fashion rather than linear. 

Ode to the Hallowed

Fly butterfly in the wake of the swallow,

To different places and I will greet you tomorrow.

If only where you go, I could follow,

In the winds, amid the dust, and in the flickering embers, you still flow.

Those who cannot still feel you,

Shallow, hollow,

To place a hollow victory between the wings of a crow.


They will come for me,

But I will never succumb.

I learned so much from thee,

And thus in my captivity I am ever free, free.

I forgive it, for it was done out of fear for me.

It is done, but if what cannot be undone can be over-done or over and done.

You will see.


The night butterfly whispered to me

That I will live on the day the spiral twists and again release thee.

 Do you see?


Gwin’iselle ser Bri’are

(Louella Mahabir)

She is one of my pet characters, even though she isn’t the main focus of the story or the narrator.


~ by louella001 on May 29, 2012.

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