While burning in the sun…

This poem was written on a bus, while the sun shone throw the windows, hot and unforgiving. But felt lucky to live a country of sunshine so I wrote.

Sunshine dance

We stood under the big yellow sun,

Barefoot aand skipping, gap toothed mouths grinning,

Come! Let’s have some fun.

It was early in the afternoon.

We decided to follow a delectable scent,

Sailing to us from the Orient.

We came upon a big red tent

That rose majestically and opulent.

The people we met were dressed like fake royalty,

With sequins for diamonds and beads of glass and iridiscent like pearls.

They were warm and friendly

And welcomed us to dance to the melody of the free.

Their people cavorted and contorted and spun in the air,

With amazing beats, and flowers in their unruffled hair.

Thick pea soup boiling in an immense cauldron,

Was the source of the aroma that brought us on this run.

They offered us plenty, with open sweet smiles,

And we accepted with thankful replies.

“They’re fattening us to eat us,” my companion said.

We both laugh raucously as a man in a leather suit snacks on a raw onion.

He smacks his lips as ours curl in a shared grimace.

When we had eaten our fill,

We played drums and danced all the way up the hill.

Pom pom pom,

So goes the drum.

Pom pa da dom,

Do you hear that pleasant hum?

Pom pa dom pom pom,

We’ve risen off the ground!

We bounce around on rainbow coloured cloud,

That smelled like cotton candy as a little dragonfly sings aloud.

Did you give us witches brew?

We prefer to call it magic stew.

But how will we find our way home?

Follow the coloured line that curves into a dome,

Then ask the green man to take you over the hill,

Give him this comb,

And he will be with you until you find your abode.

Sure enough, the rainbow lead us,

The man danced even while he combed,

And in a matter of minutes we were home sweet home,

Telling our horrified mother about the stew, the crew, the roam and the little knome.

She fainted.

Louella Mahabir.

3rd. July 2012.


~ by louella001 on July 4, 2012.

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