Half of what you see is just illusion

I was thinking of whether dreams come true. It is certainly true for some people as well as it is not. You would think that the people who think that life is a beautiful rainbow and that things do work themselves out are the ones who are living in a dream, floating on the clouds, not really with their feet on the ground. I wonder if that is the truth. Or is it the people who dopn’t get what they want who are living in a helpless illusion? I think that many indigenous people believe in life as an illusion as well as hindus and buddhists. Everybody has their own thoughts. So, here’s the poem inspired by my wandering imagination.

Dream on

Rhythms vibrate through my skin

That make me want to dance and sing.

I can’t walk: I either run or fly or skip.

Glasses and glasses of wines to sip;

Many cool pools in which to dip.

The water here can be drunk: every drip.

Laughing children tonight,

Sweet solitude in the next.

Today I take flight,

Tomorrow, the things that only happen in text.

The raucous laughter is as real as the desperation or desolation.

I wake up and wish to continue the celebration.

Or, I breathe and thank god it is locked in my imagination.

Many people believe life is an illusion.

That the day we fail to see the sun,

We will simply find ourselves out of the dream and into the fun.

Does the dream end?

Does it bend?

Does it on an impossible errand send?

Does anyone have an idea to lend?

Come on, say your piece, and continue the trend.

Louella Mahabir

25th. July, 2012.


~ by louella001 on July 25, 2012.

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