Guilt poetry

Sometimes you have to admit that you were an accomplice in some things that have happened in your life. Even though when some of these things happened, you were clueless. The fact of the matter is that we often don’t check our own behaviours and how they affect people who are touched by our lives. Also sometimes there are blaring, screeching, halting signs in front of us and we are blind. Because God made us blind? No. Because we choose not to see!

Sucker’s lament

You are a fool.

Don’t make it worse by behaving like an ass.

Machinations whirling, whistling and turning its tools,

Like you.

Transparent as glass,

How can you not see through?

Does the glass have that much mass?

You find the blood stained weapon,

Wrapped in his clothes…

Under your apron.

You find the lipstick marks on his collar.

He just got paid but you don’t get a filthy dollar.

You can figure it out:

You don’t have to be a scholar.

Some don’t agree with me,

Say sometimes you really do not see

What screams and shrieks amid the spree.

The blinding red lights are too mute for the perception.

All those obvious clues too obscure for their recollection.

And if you never see and they get away scot free,

Do they deserve their glee?


When they get caught though and pay their time,

Do you accept that stain they left on your mind?

Louella Mahabir.

3rd. August , 2012

Open your eyes!


~ by louella001 on August 4, 2012.

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