Our love affair

“Angels will deliver my kisses to you”

I don’t think either of us expected this.

In the grand scheme of things, we couldn’t have picked worse.

It’s so sweet and delicious but we have to keep it secret.

But here we are.

How did we both decide to be brazen on the same night?

Did it ever occur to us that what we do together may not be right?

We wanted to pretend to be civilised folk,

Share a drink and a joke.

But when I fell into your arms,

Oh my God…

The lights in my brain dimmed,

I was taken.

The drinks stood, undrunk:

The fire of our desire had already blinded us.

But there was no stumbling, bumbling or fumbling.

Our guy knew what he was doing.

And you would think that our crash and dash I would regret,

But I thought of everything else but that to fret.

Did I make a mistake?

Well what’s done is done.

None of it can I retake.

You question whether this was fate,

Or admit that we entered the feast and ate

Fully knowing the consequences,

Our lust we chose to slake.

Like children biting apples, the juice running down our throats, arms and chins.

Yes. We really enjoyed our sins.

Is that why we return again and again?

The chains of desire just as destructive as if we were joined as kin:

I tremble for your fingers and yours lips on my skin.

Someone always gets bruised, my darling.

Can you take your pain and maintain your grin?

Louella Mahabir

16th. October, 2012.


~ by louella001 on October 17, 2012.

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