Trust yourself: we do have instincts

What have you done?
I never knew I had this fire in me,
I’m startled that the flames of breath and hot steam are coming from me.
These tremors mean I’ve lost control:
And I am a freak, but it’s totally okay this time.
Push me, pull me: you know how to do it.
You know which buttons to press,
You know which doors to open.
“Where was I? Oh yes, I was in there…”
All is well and done,
I’m supposed to be cool.
But I keep mulling over it like a fool.
Am I to be used, cleaned and put away like any other tool?
Well let me tell you sweetheart,
You can only be used if you allow yourself to be used.
Never forget that, or allow yourself to be abused.
Only time will tell. Treat your partner well.
Karma is a lousy and vindictive old slut.
So watch your front and your back,
Or you may find knives stuck in you
And you didn’t even smell the attack.
Don’t leave passion to run wildly and set ablaze everything in its path.
You have your part.
Use your head and your heart.
I trust you.
Louella Mahabir
16th. October, 2012


~ by louella001 on October 17, 2012.

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