Windows to your soul

Your eyes
Imagine, you haven’t spoken,
But you’ve already told me I’m beautiful.
That look has imprinted on my memory as a token,
Of things that can happen but will never happen.
Or so I thought.
My head is tilted upwards, my eyes lifted to look into yours.
Your pupils are dilated:
Could be because a minute ago we were both elated,
And we lie here, smiling and sated.
We laugh so much and our fantasies are inflated.
All this because after all the time has passed,
I never forgot your eyes reflected in a mirror.
I was surprised that you hadn’t forgotten mine either.
Such a brief affair, but your pull is strong.
It can’t be forever, but still if only we could be for very, very long,
So I can stare into the golden orbs that hypnotise me
And dupe me into believing that I have touched your soul,
And some part of you is endeared to me.

Louella Mahabir
16th. October 2012.


~ by louella001 on October 17, 2012.

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