When a new person comes into your life

I admit that this poem is a bit clumsy. Maybe it hit a little too close to home this time. sadly, these are my innermost feelings and what is plaguing me right now.

I cannot highlight enough how stupid it is to trust someone based on instinct.
Yes, we have an innate sense of discernment and a reasoning that is quite distinct.
But I’m afraid that any assumption of someone’s virtue by pure guess is almost completely extinct.
As if the nature of the human could be concise, precise, plain or succinct.

Is it God inside us that says, “It’s alright: you can trust this one.”?
Or perhaps, as it is said, it is the devil in brilliant disguise,
With claws and fangs that sweetly caress,
And you only know it is too late when they are already deep in your flesh.
Is it the attitude with which this other person comes?
That might make you feel alienated; or warmed and welcome.
How does a predator take in an innocent child?
Do they not exude the menace despite their apparent approach, meek and mild?
Do we all still have our innocence ingrained in our hearts?
Despite that tough “moulding” that experience casts around us.
And we want to believe.
A man can’t continually, every second, duck from poison darts.

At least one day, you can reward someone with the glow of your smile,
Or bless someone with a touch of your hand.
It might not even be too very forward to enfold them in your embrace.
You feel the ease, and see the relief on a person’s face
When you treat him with kindness instead of with disgrace.
Some days, the endless scrutiny could turn from being about someone else
To the realization and improvement of you.
For it may not be your business to judge the length of the talons of another
And of your own attitude and flaws, you don’t even bother.
Some may well have the right to tell us, “It really is not me: It’s you.”

When all is darkness, you follow the light.
That’s right. The Light…
If you entered my life, you are there for a reason.
I just have to figure out for what time and what season.
Not all the lessons I have learned are pleasant and neat.
But don’t blame me if this one for me is very, very sweet.
How can you blame me if of all that passes by,
The one that pleases me is this one that has caught my eye.
I am not one to purposefully harm another person,
So I hope to God that this does not end in persecution.
Please God…

Louella Mahabir
20th. October, 2012.


~ by louella001 on October 21, 2012.

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