Be chill

Warrior spirit

Are you forever doomed to just say yes?

To dig yourself into a pit and sink deeper into the mess?

Or to stifle in a soundless abyss:

You look in the mirror to see a desperate woman

Struggling to release her voice

With her hands around her throat and an empty space where her mouth should be.

It’s not uncommon.

Or even worse, are you one of those?

The ones whose voices rose and rose

Drowning out of the world its delectable prose

And replacing it with slag and refuse?

Uncompromising and unmoving, egotistical and maniacal:

According to them anyway.


But for everything there is a time and a way,

A place where things can be under your sway,

On days where we are not allowed to laugh and play,

We must find the courage and fire from the inside to be gay.

Because whether we scream and cry, shout or silently pray,

If we could figure the right words to say, when to delay, how to tolerate disarray,

We may receive all we wanted on a nicely laid tray.

What does that adage say?

Oh yes: Every lady will have her day.

Submit now, but live to fight another day.


The trick is to know what makes you tick

Rather than waiting until you are out of oil and wick.

A woman must know how to think on her feet.

And the appropriate time to stoke or diminish the heat.

Always be aware and ready,

Feelings in check, your mind calm and steady.

No battles are won with guns and haste.

Strategy and patience never go to waste.


Louella Mahabir.

4th. November, 2012.


~ by louella001 on November 5, 2012.

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