Damaged goods

You know that saying “Always the bridesmaid, never the bride”? It’s quite a statement, isn’t it. You’re basically telling the woman she can’t get a man so she has to live off other people. I wonder if we ever think of the things we say and how they may wound the hearts of the people we associate ourselves with. Even worse, do we consider the devastated, broken hearted, desperate and desolate out there who conceal pain in their hearts with smiles and silence? There are so many hurt people out there, so without knowing what we face out there, it pays to be kind to others, even though you don’t see the universe balancing itself through your charity.

This has inspired new poetry from me after hearing the cry of a woman who seems to have everything I want and don’t have, but is bearing so much pain inside that I couldn’t believe it.

Broken doll

As my head emerges from the black lake,

How long did I take?

I can hardly remember breaking the box

Or wrangling with the chains and locks.

To escape the prison and see the break of day

Makes the struggle and pain seem far away.


The breath that emanates from a broken doll

Is a revelation to her from since her fall.

So long has she been shrouded in suffering

Without a guide to lead her, nor a piece of string

That she almost forgot about molten gold

That spews forth when a new aurora arises and starts to unfold.


You expect nothing from her at all.

But that is alright: Look at her all smiling and tall.

Instead of scourging her with stones, spittle and sticks,

Give her a bit of space to mend and fix

The pieces of her heart strewn all over the world.

She has decided that she wants to be whole.


So breathe in my dear, and take your time.

The universe will pay you back in kind.

Remember this every day that you live.

Of each of us there is a uniqueness to give

To this life that is both menial and magical.

I would like to change the world,

But what good would it be if I haven’t healed myself as I should.


Louella Mahabir

23rd. November, 2012.



~ by louella001 on November 23, 2012.

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