Ashamed to dance alone? Don’t be…

Salsa for one

The bongos and timbales seem to imitate the tattoo of your heart.

Your hips can’t resist moving to the sensual art.

The floor is thumping, alive with feet moving in unison.

The ones that are just moving in one pair are yours.


Immerse yourself in the music.

Ignore the couples as they float and flit.

But you can’t help it.

There are the beginners, who laugh and stumble,

Enjoying the beat and anticipating the tumble.

Others are not keen on the others’ bumble.

They cannot wait for this dance to end.

And you are there just trying to blend.

It doesn’t work, but why is that a problem?


I remember being one of those

Trying hard to mesh with another, but the flesh…

The beauty of the chase,

The sparks in hearing the “click”,

The ecstasy of loving,

The haste in fighting,

The fire of forgiving,

The chastisement for forgetting…

In truth, it can all be tiring.

The trumpets flourish and you spin in your own timing.


To be an outsider means a measure of clarity

And for the sake of your peace, perhaps also, a bit of charity

That you can learn without getting cut up

Speak and be told to shut up

Without the plunge into embarrassment and disappointment.

Fill your emptiness with music and joy,

But at the same time, your space you must properly employ

To bring out the best of you.

Even though there can be others that help you blossom

In the moment that you have just you

It isn’t nothing.

It is you.

Let your talents dance and flow out.

Keeping things inside is not what life is about.

We must share.

Try it.

If you dare…


Louella Mahabir

2nd February, 2013.


~ by louella001 on February 2, 2013.

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