It’s nice to feel wanted…and equally not nice to know that sometimes you aren’t

A measure of hate

Do you know who I am???
I thought not.
You never took the time to find out
What I love or what I’m about,
If I was alright or wrung out,
What was hot and what was not.
And still you turned me inside out.
You only know me for a day after you got
And then forgot.
I am not here to bitch and complain
Or even hold you under the scope of disdain.
I just wanted to remind myself
That when you search for something
You just might get the opposite.
I never received a slap to my face
But the violence was more subtle,
Hidden deep inside was the disgrace.
Clearly you do not love me.
But you seek me out, which rules indifference out.
So this must be hatred,
Vile, sneaky and insipid
To make you think you were shot by Cupid
When really it’s just that your desires have made you stupid.
So I’m trying to recover my strength my ten,
To never fall in the trap as I did then,
But if I do fall into the Lion’s den,
To be meek as a lamb will only get me ripped to shreds.
He sees me. He smells me. He can read my mind!
So do I cower in a corner and wait in dread?
Or find the fire in my heart and let it burn so hot and so bright
That even the little gazelle might escape her plight,
Amid doubt, insecurity, hurt and relentless fright.
The conquered are only so because they have given the conqueror the right.

Louella Mahabir
1st. February, 2013


~ by louella001 on February 2, 2013.

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