Sad love story

This story was inspired by two costumes designed by Brian McFarlene at the Carnival King and Queen show 2013 at the Queen’s Park Savannah. I don’t have to add that it touches a nerve for me. I hope it is enjoyed.

Essence of Life

Long ago, the azure of the majestic sea was filled with sweetness instead of brine. The sea was a safe place to live in. But Fish was an adventurer. She had swum all over the depths in search of freedom and discovery, against the current. One day while swimming up river, she saw a majestic creature preening itself on a rock. He turned and saw her and smiled. Bird had always wanted to visit the depths but his feathers would drown him if he got wet at sea. So he would sit on a cliff and watch the movements of the water in awe. He and Fish became good friends and as he brought her fruit, nuts and flowers from the land, she brought him shells, pearls and stones from the sea. Little by little they fell in love and it was not enough to see each other for such a short time each visit. The goddess of love took pity on them and transformed Bird into a colourful tropical fish so that he could spend time together in the sea. The sea god thought the love between Bird and Fish to be unnatural and created a monster to destroy Bird. Bird did not have a chance because he could not defend himself against such a beast in this new environment. Fish was so devastated, nothing could stop her tears. Her grief expanded the ocean to the golden horizons. The outpouring of her bitterness made the sea fill with salt. Most of the original creatures died because the change in their world was so great that it became toxic to them. The world was depraved and chaotic with the changes in the creatures that survived and adapted to the change. The sea goddess, filled with remorse, went to visit Fish. She reminded her of the joy that she shared with Bird and that he would not approve of the havoc she was wreaking in the sea. Fish lamented that Bird left her alone. The sea goddess told her that that was not so. That Bird left and entire legacy with her. Fish was pregnant. She had not even noticed the changes in herself. The children of Bird and Fish are the bright and beautiful creatures of the coral reefs, the giant whales and tiny jellyfish, the sweet dolphins and ravenous sharks and the other mysterious creatures that lie in the dark depths that our eyes have never seen.

Louella Mahabir

9th. February 2013.


~ by louella001 on February 9, 2013.

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