She really is sunshiny

A poem for Angela’s birthday


Darkness clears away like smoke to reveal the blue sky,

And Aurora breathes life and energy into all of us.

We stretch and yawn and face the dawn,

But not all of us do this willingly.

This is why I admire and tirelessly aspire

To be like the one who is resplendent and reflective of the sun.

She is always open and tender of heart

Full of sweetness and hope, a portrayal of true art.

As Amon Ra defeats Set of storms in every battle,

She turns toward the sun and worries so little.

A blossom that cannot lose faith in the sun,

And knows that with problems, we can face every one.

This is you, breathtaking and filling ether with your subtle power,

Our sunflower.

Louella Mahabir.

2nd November, 2012.




~ by louella001 on February 19, 2013.

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