love of love

Mugged on the road to forever

We like to be hugged and kissed and infinitely missed,

When you don’t see you lover, get your knickers in a twist.

To pass judgement on another is by no means difficult.

Of the girl who hankers for him, we shake our heads,

And we feel sorry for the ones who always turn in to empty beds,

In the girl who feels free to enjoy her trysts, we find shame,

But if he were the one to do it, “Oh, he will get tired of this ‘game'”.

I am in luck that my grandmother had some kind of courage,

For my own resolve is as solid as steaming porridge.

The ladies before us began a noble war

But our concept of reality is often poor.


I want him more than she does,

And that is a just cause so why should I pause?

If you hesistate, you lose.

She wants someone to go home to.

Someone to love, trust and be true to.


You would think that it is our humanity that makes us love,

(Not “make love”. For a feeling so rich, wouldn’t you scratch the itch?)

But it is the animal part of us that thrusts emotions upward and above.

Is it human that I give her the once over and decide to label her?

Is it animal that I decide to steal her husband from her?

Is it humane that I sit with my friends and laugh at her expense?

And when they laugh at me because I know something is up, choking on suspense?

Does the subtle struggle between us make any sense?

Did it ever occur to anyone that in a heartbeat you could become her?

With the shame of abuse staining your face,

The shadow of illicit lust tainting your grace,

With a concrete smile on your face straining to crack from the water threatening to gush to the surface,

With all in this world that makes a woman happy,

And they await your downfall and kick you because you can’t make them out.

Putting a fellow sister down to her place,

In a society that mocks our need for love,

And rewards us with insults, vanity and insolent shoves.

We know all the tricks, can pick truth from lies,

How can you dissuade me when I can see with my own eyes?

But we walk around with brilliant disguise,

And use the words of the wary and wise.

But secretly, I want it too.

Don’t you?


Louella Mahabir

29th.  March 2013.




~ by louella001 on March 30, 2013.

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