Dreamer´s wish

When you find yourself enamoured of somebody really fast, it is frightening, but somehow it does some good in that it gives you hope, even though there may be no hope to be had. I met the most amazing person and this is my hope that things will turn out in my favour. Positive vibrations to everybody!

Dreamer´s wish

How can it happen so easily?

Is the heart too fickle and flighty?

To hear the voice of someone and be absolutely delighted.

Our souls seem to be made of the same love and light.

The universe conspired so we could meet under strange circumstances,

And still be winded and charmed in spite of them.

You have told me many things, and many things you have not.

But the simplest gestures are the greatest, because they show me who you really are,

What reigns inside you,

The man you are now and the man you want to be.

I miss you. 

I have no right.

You are not mine.

At least we haven´t decided on that outright.

I will justify what i feel for you, even though,

In my heart of hearts, I cannot.

There are no passionate kisses between us.

I feel no lust towards you.

Why not?

Am I not a woman with hot blood in her veins?

I am the quickest to throw words out the window.

I am good with words.

You can do just about anything with those.

But each one you´ve given to me,

I´ve savoured every one like a crimson rose.

My senses react like the brain on cocaine.

I couldn´t resist.

Even now that I see that we

Are probably not a practical pair,

I wouldn´t resist.

You made me feel what I thought I could never feel again.

Your modest touch quickened my heart,

And fastened me to you in an unbreakable chain.

I will never forget you.

Precious person with special powers.

You sends electric impulses through me.

I´ve started to grieve.

But I have to believe

That the forces of this world will send you to me.

Do I deserve you?

Probably not.

But is it not the essence of this life that we

Work to be the best that we can be.

And with this harnessing of energy,

Perhaps in this world of dark and clear,

Someday, truly, we can be.

Louella Mahabir

20th. July, 2013.


~ by louella001 on July 22, 2013.

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