My mind´s desire

I met somebody and was so stimulated in mind that I needed to channel my new energy and hunger to meet the unknown in the form of poetry. Could this be a chance for me? Or am I, as always, dreaming and dreaming?

My mind´s desire

Love can be hot,

Steaming and can burn,

It is one of those sweet things

With many bitter lessons for you to learn.

A lover´s kiss is like a stain on white linen.

You must labour hard if you are to be free of it.

You probably never will be.

To make love to the one you hold most arduously inside your chest,

Can shatter you into a million pieces,

And make you whole again.

And you hold on to this one, ardently,

Even though you can´t even catch your breath.

But what if your lover was never your lover?

The tips of his fingers are the most precious parts of him you have ever touched.

Yet the littlest touch is incendiary,

The softest word, orgasmic,

The tiniest gesture, explosive,

Our essences, separate, are peaceful,

But together, we cannot even see the rest of the world,

Through the resolute circle of fervent flames that has surrounded both of us.

I cannot speak for my beloved.

For all I know, he does not feel the same.

He somehow got inside me,

With words, expressions, sounds, gestures,

By just being.

Some woman I am.

To be knocked down flat with sweetness.

To be conquered in simple conversation.

If that was his intention,

I am positively blown away.

And I wish for the simple pleasure of his voice,

For his non judgmental ear,

For his warming presence,

His humble expressions of lovely, lofty dreams.

If I never see him again

I will immortalise his memory with my hand,

Because I will never forget the touch of his.

Louella Mahabir

20th July 2013.


~ by louella001 on July 22, 2013.

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