Celebrate love, even though it may not be yours

How can we be so negative about other people’s loves? I’ve heard people classify people’s expressions of heartfelt feelings of love as gay or stupid. Have we all become so jaded that we can’t believe that these things are felt anymore? Have we reached a point in our existences that if we cannot find something ourselves, we curse the people who have it? This is my  poem regarding this.

Hold up Hater

We share an earth,

A connectedness that we love to deny

To prove that “I” alone can be special,

A cut above the rest.

The very best.

Yes, yes, yes.

So you two love each other,

Oh great…

Do you need to rub it in the faces of the rest of us?

All that P.D.A. is not okay.

It isn’t going to last that long anyway.

Then we can laugh when it starts to decay.

Truth be told, the love story is old.

A sacred bond of humankind that has bested time.

So time and time again,

We see a certain pattern.

A philosophical trend,

In a world where everybody loves to pretend.

All have a handkerchief to lend,

So long as you tend to blend.

You two should be paying attention.

Make sure there is a great bit of retention.

Of the good things that happen.

Sometimes it is good to forget.

But not always.

Pay attention.

You are part of this world,

And yet you are not.

As for the beholders of the love story,

You don’t want that yourself?


You liar!

That story connects us all.

We admire it,

But we refuse to admit it.

We do not have the strength,

So we hate.

To begrudge someone happiness,

Is preferable to facing one’s truths.

Because we don’t have it, they don’t deserve this.

“It isn’t worth it.”

“They’re all dogs.”

“We’ve lost all our mores.”

“They’re all whores.”

If we are looking at them,

Then it isn’t really about us.

So, we wish them happiness and joy,

Tolerance and willingness to be fair.

Courage in times when peace doesn’t reign.

Strength to overcome pain.

Think there’ll be no pain?

Think again.

We wish you love.

Continue to love.

Continue to rise above.

I guess that this is me professing that I still believe.


~ by louella001 on December 16, 2013.

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