Stop discrimination

I was supposed to write this poem since it surfaced in my mind during AIDS awareness campaigns last month or so. This is what I wrote:

Yes, I have AIDS

What a surprise!

I find a peaceful spot in all this commercial enterprise

I sit on a bench by myself.

Each passer-by is absorbed in self.

And I’m pleased with myself.

Some fresh air is restored by the towering trees,

The birds whistle to each other from tree to tree,

Passing on messages of glee and harmony.

After tormenting myself so long,

Silence sings its calming song.

I sigh and exhale,

And imagine that I’m a princess

In a wondrous gale,

Reading a happy and fulfilling tale.

Then he comes…

Sharply, I inhale.

At first, he does just as I did,

Enjoying the sights, sounds and peace,

Then he starts talking to me.

I am reluctant at first,

Then I enjoy the exchange.

Allowing myself to laugh was strange.

For a while, I forgot who I was.

Mrs Such and Such stops abruptly in front of us.

We pause.

She starts upon recognising me,

Snatches him into standing,

Starts whispering to him,

Never taking her eyes off me.

I feel my eyes start to fill,

But I wouldn’t dare let those fall.

I know what this is about.

His gaze comes back to me.

Oh well.

Good while it lasted.

I start to gather my things,

But I admit that I couldn’t even look

To see how disgust and fear might manifest in his look.

He sits back down.

Puts a hand on my shoulder.



~ by louella001 on December 16, 2013.

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