Suicide prevention

I read a review of Hecht’s book “Stay”, which is a text that she wrote after two of her friends tragically committed suicide. She speaks of the way the loss of a person who commits suicide to the people who love them leaves this void and an unavoidable questioning that will remain answerless. This poem was inspired by this preoccupation.

Black Hole

We loved you, but you didn’t know.

You could choose to flow and grow,

But your heart was too aggrieved to see it so.

So you left.

And it tore us apart.


Sucked into the void.

Holes in the chests of all those who mourned for you.

Those who still mourn:

Call out to you,

“Just wait till dawn,”

But you were gone.

If you had drowned in a lake,

Or were burnt at the stake,

Succumbed under the rubble after an earthquake…

Was it yours to take?

I guess it was, or else you would still be here,

Complaining about taxes and the state of your hair.

Frantically trying to repair.

Is the reality as grave as the scare?

I dream that you are in peace.

The torment couldn’t possibly increase.

And the cosmos made a hole,

For want of your soul,

Trying and trying to make itself whole.

For want of you.

For want of you.

I know you are coming back,

And so I have not let go,

For where you have gone,

I am sure to follow.

You are dead.

And I know that one day I will be dead.

And when you come back,

I’ll see you.

And I hope that I

That somebody

Could love you enough

Convince you

Not to let go.


~ by louella001 on December 16, 2013.

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