Egotism isn’t good for you

My latest poem is as egoistical as ever. But I haven’t written in forever, so I guess I’m doing good, even if this is crappy.

My Sky,

I wilt inside my own head,
Staring into white space,
Eyes empty and dead,
Always looking, always searching,
Inside myself,
Beside myself.
I’ve bypassed my virtues,
Upturned my secrets,
Peering around corners,
Peeking under blankets,
Until it seems I have nowhere to go.

But I take more steps,
I go further and further,
Into nothing?
When I look at my feet,
I see my feet,
But only because the image of my feet,
Is still imprinted on my mind,
And I see feet,
From the sheer memory of always looking down.

I am lost.
But I’m not lost.
In light’s absence I see nothing,
So how come I can sense everything.
Presences and essences.

I’ve spent too much time with myself.
By myself.
Thinking about myself.
Oh, enough.
It’s not as though it has all been tough and rough.

We need those days,
To reflect; slip into a daze.
But not enough to forget beauty,
To forget to gaze,
Or to let yourself be amazed.
Forget recollections of life, phase by phase.
And gaze,
At the sky,
Look at your sky.
See how much time you’ve been wasting?

Louella Mahabir
2nd. Aug, 2014


~ by louella001 on August 4, 2014.

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