Random poetry i wrote this year

I cannot remember why I wrote this. But I posted it anyway.

In search of lost time

You had it.
A dream. A scream. A chance to be a queen.
And as you look into your vain mirror of dreams,
A luscious mouthful of life,
The most beautiful things seen,
A tang to slash at your nostrils,
Sharp metronomes to leave your hair
From bone straight to coils and tendrils,
A mere suggestion of a kiss to make you tremble.
Then you lost it.

Now you’re blue,
Struck with a bitter point of view,
The slaps of too many others
To ever coincide, or ever be true.
And the girl in the mirror has lost her shape,
And you have so forgotten her,
You often stop and gape.
Touching the cold reflection,
Of what is supposed to be you.
Shaped of course by anyone but you.

Amazing that you have no clue,
Of the value the years have allowed to accrue.
Small details tangled in entrails,
From your first grey that grew out of your pigtails.
You sigh and you cry for the years gone by.
Dismayed, and the ones who never saw you try.
No concept that one truly grows ugly,
From the inside.
And the outside man, the man outside,
Who always seems to share your stride?
Would validate you rather than your own pride?
Accuse you of having everything to hide.
When did it become a crime?
To find a place to abide
Within your own mind?

And just like that, you let the time fly.
Your savoury, sonorous, sweet smelling, shimmery, stimulating shiver?

L. Mahabir
12th. October 2014


~ by louella001 on October 27, 2014.

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