My first poem about him

It’s weirder than I expected. No talent whatsoever. Just a whole gush of words and feelings.

  Holding my hand  

The signals I send through my fingers

Are very subtle

But no less powerful than when our lips touch.

The million things I have to tell you,

Fly away, when your eyes question me.

I cannot say, that I love you so much

When assaulted by your touch.

I think your kisses give me a fever,

It’s trajectory launching a millisecond into forever.

We close in on the emptiness between us

And it is so full

Of my love for you and your love for me,

You don’t have to say anything to me.

I am your prisoner, so how do I feel so free?

You steal my sharp tongue, with sweetness when you whisper to me,

I can’t even be as witty as I am known to be.

It is too late.

I love you already.

I can’t backtrack.

I won’t look back.

I won’t let devils and nightmares steal you from me.

It was always my dream to be with somebody

Who would think that I was abnormal and crazy,

And still say “I want you with me.”

So every time you hold my hand,

You keep hold of my wild fears

Of expectation of a flood of tears

By reminding me that you want me near.

The world can see us profess our love,

With not one word, maybe a benign shove.

We cannot hide it, even if we tried.

For every minute we tried to conceal, we were very well espied. We’ve reached the point that we don’t even care.

We are now the sickening lovers,

Kissing over here and making love over there.

The ones we knew we would never become,

Covered in darkness, laughing,

And thoroughly enjoying

The few stolen minutes

And every time, they get shorter.

We may have a short stint, or a long and lovely affair.

But whatever it may be, let it be.

I love you enough not to waste your time in bluff.

I think we are really going to do this.


Louella Mahabir

8th. November, 2014


~ by louella001 on November 9, 2014.

2 Responses to “My first poem about him”

  1. Well expressed. Know it well.

  2. Reblogged this on Nellechan and commented:
    The joy of love…..

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