First poem for 2015


Do not forget…
None live in your mind, other than you
You have your own version of what is true
The most potent and poisonous deception you can succumb to
Comes from the darkest depths of your very own self.

Do not forget…
Heart and mind work together
Ever heard logic provide a complete solution?
Never heard the heart devise sound strategy?
The harmony of each divine don
On the hair- thin line of equilibrium
Will liberally grant your needs
Boon by boon.

Do not forget…
You may be for yourself, but you are never by yourself.
Close your eyes and listen to the silence
Approach the light of life shining in you
With reverence
Your soul is at peace
Because the beam pouring out of the sky
Rests lovingly in your third eye.
Your choice to sit still or to roam
Do not change the love and light
That never leave you alone.
Do not forget…
Each day we rise
Not all of us can envision a prize
But we must keep hope alive
So our spirit will continue to long and strive
Every day, a purpose
In the right moments

Do not forget…
The withering rose
No longer undulating, the caterpillar
In repose
The rising sun chiming
Lest the earth froze.
Green, yellow, red, brown leaves
Worn to transparent, fragile, laces
Nourishing the young saplings
In which we find strength
And shade for our faces.

Do not forget…
The beginning and end
The end and the beginning
It’s almost the same thing
A cycle, bigger than all of us.
So great and daunting,
Easy, and hard to trust.

Do not forget…
This vast universe is part of you
And you part of it.
You are unimportant.
But every breath, every bite, every word, every mite
Makes great waves.
One less butterfly and the world shifts uneasily
In a natural kind of mourning,
But don’t fret.
Here comes morning.

Louella Mahabir
2nd November, 2015

~ by louella001 on November 3, 2015.

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