This poem unfolded and it was totally unexpected

Elements of the Dreamscape

I gaze up at the sky as I lay on my back,

Azure peeping through my tree’s intricate green dress,

Breezes bringing calming essences and warmth, melting away stress,

A trail of ants march up and down a tiny beaten track,

Their tireless toil somehow syncs in harmony,

With the peaceful flow of a brook nearby,

The keskidee fighting for food seem sufficiently happy,

The wind and the leaves rustle a lullaby,

Everything illuminates in the vibrant energy of the sun,

It’s golden life-force pouring out,

Like a potent potion overflowing from a glowering cauldron,

Commanding respect, all are erect, at attention.

The gentle rain left crystalline drops on the leaves and grass,

Who are seduced by the radiant star from afar.

So they morph, and sail, transparent, obediently, to him.

The rich, wet, earth, black and nubile,

From which spring bright and bold blossoms,

That open wide to bask in uninhibited love,

Moist with raindrops and nectar.

Desire stirs with thoughts of juicy fruits hanging above.

I dream of sinking my teeth in delectable flesh,

Flavour bursting on my tongue,

Drenches my lips and runs down my front.

My imagination runs wild.

Still, I leave it to fate,

To find me my rightful, life-long playmate.


22nd. December, 2015






~ by louella001 on December 23, 2015.

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