You can’t deny the merits of sitting still

Letting providence erase the tiny hill

Of small conflicts that per chance arise.

But it is also wise, if it calls, not to fold.


To be bold

Is to be feline and unafraid

Of what you might by chance meet

To claim treasures languishing at your feet

Where they were laid.

Leave behind demure and staid

All your fibres woven into a strong braid

Which will not be left trailing or fused to a yoke

But to climb

The crags and cliffs you’ve yourself hewn

Getting in your own way

Multitude of hopes strewn

Along the path for predators and creditors

Laughing and yawning when the large stones fall

To bruise your head and snatch away the day.


But this is your mountain.

You aren’t sure? I am certain.

You’ve drunk your concoction

Revered an illusion

Then await the craft of a far off magician

To cart away the debris and take off with you in flight

Free you of your plight

Because you fear doing it yourself stone by stone


Hmmm, no backbone.

You’ve established this trail

Ignore the heart.

You’ve already set yourself up to fail.

No point in not being afraid.

In its absence, you can’t gage

Clarity after pointless rage

The measure of your own courage.

You are not the first in your predicament

Nor are you without implement.

Continue the ascent.

Everything can’t be lovely and pleasant.

Your morale stands in peril

As you don’t grasp and hold with force or will.

All is lost if you continue to stand still.


Louella Mahabir

20th. August.


~ by louella001 on August 20, 2016.

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