Round eyes peered and the face that was mostly cheeks

Constipated with shame, but morbidly fascinated, peeks

At her body, a work of grotesquerie

Some say fluffy, some say puffy.

She is repelled by her corpulent figure

Reflected in the lake.

How could she have gotten bigger?

As though in her stomach lying awake

Was an insatiable gigantic snake.

And she goes running again to the patisserie.

Then after she ate

She tempted fate

Looking at herself again,

Tempted with cream and cake

She fell in hate.


What are you due?

You should see a fitness guru.

All that fat gonna kill you.

Everyone is raving about this miracle stew.

Don’t look so blue.

I wouldn’t tell you if it weren’t true.

Mischief begins to brew.


The diets don’t work.

The trainer is a jerk.

These supplements are just a fad.

Finally! End of session.

Where is that fun she should have had?

On the brink of depression

Our girl has had enough.

The process was not a little tough.


It was when she learnt to be content

Despite all the time and money she had spent

With that the one body, that house of soul

Need tender loving care to mend the hole

Of imagined inadequacy.


The power of the mind is underrated.

A lot of love, a little respect: freedom from hatred

And it would be sated.


Louella Mahabir

21st. August


~ by louella001 on August 21, 2016.

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